Do you like to take quizzes and assessments? I do; they’re fun. I came across one today from Tony Robbins. It’s a Business Identity Quiz designed to help people determine their true gift…Artist? Manager? Or Entrepreneur?

I took the quiz, and it said I was an Artist. It also said, “You get lit up by the process of creating something of enormous value – whether it be a product or service – and delivering that art to a marketplace of people.” True statement.

The results of the Business Identity Quiz also tell you your strengths, weaknesses, and where to put your focus. Oh, and it names a few famous people who are similar to your type.

You might find your results interesting. I did. I was a financial vice president for many, many years. I was the manager over the budgeting and forecasting department and was very successful in the position. So you would think I would be assessed as a Manager. But I resigned from my position because I wanted to do something more personally meaningful, to make a difference. I became a full-time author. Now, I can’t help but wonder…If I had taken the quiz years ago, would I have become an Artist sooner?

If you want to take the quiz and discover your true gift, go to There are only eight questions, so you can take it on your coffee break.

I’d love to hear if the results are what you expected. If the work you do now is already aligned with your true gift, congratulations! If not, it’s never too late to consider a change.

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