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The key to achieving personal and professional success is learning to think more effectively.

Dissatisfaction is the number one problem in life. Things happen that you don’t want, and things you want don’t happen. The solution to increasing your satisfaction can be found in your mind. Understanding your beliefs and emotions will change how you feel. Improving your thoughts and actions will lead to more satisfying results.  

Author, CPA and CFE Kara Lane will show you how to enhance your thought processes so you can achieve greater clarity, focus, and success. The Thinking Game will help you:

  • Set and achieve the right goals
  • Make better decisions and solve challenging problems
  • Increase happiness and decrease fear, worry, doubt, guilt, and anger
  • Focus your time and efforts on the things you can control
  • Improve your thinking with the right mindset, skills, and techniques

The Thinking Game will provide you with the rules, the tools, and the strategies you need to achieve greater success and satisfaction. Buy your copy today and start experiencing better results tomorrow.  

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50 Short Quotes on Thinking from 50 Great Thinkers

50 Short Quotes on Thinking from 50 Great Thinkers

French philosopher and scientist Blaise Pascal reportedly once said, “I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.” Being clear, complete, and concise requires more thought than simply rambling on and on until a point is made. When someone makes...

Review of Notes from The Thinking Life

Review of Notes from The Thinking Life

If you find yourself getting distracted by "all things digital," I can relate. It's so tempting to immediately check your phone when you hear a call, text, email, message, alert, or any other kind of notification that someone, somewhere wants your attention. That's...

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